Cloud Breaker 1.1


The Cloud Breaker 1.1 update is out now!

The biggest addition is the Chill Mode. In it, the game plays normally, but instead of a time limit, there's a move limit. It also has a kickin' rad new soundtrack and its own leaderboard.

I also did a lot of work on the menus. The process from finishing a game to starting a new one is simpler, quicker, and more consistent. You'll get a tip at the end of your game if you're still working through the lower levels, and if you set a new record, you can tweet or facebook it for an extra retry.

Here's a table of the rewards offered based on the game mode and where your record was set:

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3 And Over
Time ModeNone5 Plays1 Retry
Chill Mode1 Retry1 Retry1 Retry

Out with the old (bugs), in with the new (bugs)

Fixed: Finishing a level while running out of time should no longer put you into some weird zombie state.

Known Issue: Even if you purchased unlimited plays, the game will still offer you 5 plays as a share reward on stage 2. (The stage 3 or above reward is a retry though.)